who is amy?

Amy Fiedler is a Relationship Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Author.

She specializes in human behavior, intimacy and connection, love, emotions and the spiritual and human condition.

With her simplistic approach to spirituality and her laugh out loud witty banter, Amy breaks down the human condition for you in such a straightforward, no bullshit way you’ll never miss the point; teaching you that the power of your life, relationships and happiness lies in your hands and showing you exactly how to reclaim it with laughter, love and a little sass.

Amy Fiedler Spiritual Mentor

She’s giving men and women the upper hand at navigating their relationships with ease through her cut and dry teaching method that never leaves you empty-handed and always has you asking for more. She can help you see what you’ve been settling for and show you how to rise above and claim what your heart wants to be yours.

She believes strongly in helping people remember how powerful they are.

She teaches you how to access, process, trust and love your emotional guidance system. She helps you set healthy boundaries through your life and relationships and provides you a safe space to practice honoring, loving and caring for yourself in new and improved ways. She offers you deeply profound wisdom in such simple and practical ways you can’t help but be changed within minutes of listening.

Amy pinpoints what your behavior patterns are and helps you understand and transform them on the spot.

She guides you through the fears while walking alongside you and helping you breakthrough instantly.

Amy is a powerful healer, teacher and preacher who is passionate about helping you understand yourself on a deep level. Although her clients range in age and occupation, the one thing they have in common is they are open, willing, eager and ready to stop repeating the destructive, painful emotional patterns that have often left them feeling neglected, insecure, abused, abandoned, hurt, scared, forgotten, sad and hopeless in their life and their relationships.

Her experience of over 10+ years of spiritual mentorship training and her unique insight from working in the fashion/entertainment industry around entertainers, celebrities, musicians, models and creatives, Amy takes her New Jersey street smart approach to new and deep levels while radically shifting your life, spirit and relationships.

Amy is a published author, with her internationally recognized book of affirmations “365 Little Blasts of Love: Daily doses of uncensored wisdom to radically shift your life”. Amy is a professional blogger published on popular blogs Bad Yogi and What Do Men Really Think.

Amy Fiedler Life CoachThrough her personal journey of transformation and over a decade of spiritual mentorship and formal life coach training, Amy’s purpose is to help you find your voice, learn your strengths, (empower you to) live your truth, reclaim your power and come back home to you.

She is on a mission to shift the collective and empower men and women to be fully responsible for themselves and their lives. Amy will teach you that unconditionally loving all parts of you and living life from the inside out will completely shift your experience in this world for the better! Your relationships will flourish and be easy once she shows you how to tap into your power and see things differently.