Today…ask yourself this one question. If you had the ability to look inside the heart of your enemy, what do you think you’d find that would be different then what’s inside yours? We all have love in our hearts, just some of us have it protected more than others. Some of us have it masked more than others. Some of us have been so hurt in the past that we’re too bitter and angry to release the pain so we take it out on others.

You know the saying, “Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” ? Keep this in mind when you encounter someone you’re not too fond of. Remember this when someone treats you poorly. Remind yourself that this person is also someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, child, cousin, lover, etc. They too struggle, just as you do. Life isn’t easy and some days it feels more like an uphill battle than it should – that’s why love is the universal energy that we need to promote, recognize and share. You don’t need to love someone to show love. You don’t need to be IN love to demonstrate a loving act.

Love is shown by your words and your energy. Love is demonstrated by your actions towards others. You can’t expect what you won’t give. So today ask yourself this important question and remind yourself that every single person you encounter in this world has a story to tell – each one unique and different but they all share something in common with your own. That behind all the pain, hurt, anger, sadness, happiness, excitement, glee there is love in your heart and in your soul. We are all connected by this, so don’t judge based on what’s portrayed to you- look past it all and allow your soul to recognize the universal love you share.