Today ask yourself this one question. What have you done that you are not proud of? Do you have regrets? When you reflect on your life, how do you feel about your past? Do you view it bitterly? Do you hold resentment and anger towards someone or something that happened back then?



Sometimes we feel stuck. Sometimes we feel like in the present moment we’re not moving forward at all. Have you ever wondered why you might be feeling that way? You’re never standing still. Days keep happening, time continues to pass by and yet you feel like you haven’t moved at all. When I hear my clients tell me they feel stuck, the first thing I have them do is some self-reflection.

You see spiritually, we have lessons we need to learn while we exist in this human form. Spiritually when we don’t learn these lessons, due to our own free will choices, situations tend to continue to happen (repeat themselves in different forms) until we “pass the test” so to speak. 

Life is not an endless cycle of hurt and pain. You aren’t meant to live a sad life. You are worth way more than that. Your divine inheritance is abundance and health and love and peace and happiness. We create hurt and pain and fearful illusions in our own lives. When we live in fear, we don’t see any situation or relationship for what they really are – a lesson and a blessing. People and situations happen to help us grow, spiritually. Nothing happens by accident – that means EVERY SINGLE THING that has happened thus far in your life has been for a purpose.

It has taught you something. It has healed something. It has showed you something. It has gifted you with something. These are lessons and they are blessings. So if you are feeling resentful or angry towards something that has occurred in your life – step back for a moment and reflect on it. Allow yourself to experience the emotions you have linked to it and then look for the lesson. 

When you are able to locate the lesson, you will feel blessed that it happened.


Good and bad are merely labels we choose to place on situations. I know what you’re thinking, “So Amy, you’re telling me that someone dying is a blessing?” I’m telling you that although losing someone in the physical sense can make us sad – take a look at what their presence offered you and this world when they were still physically here. What impact did they make on your life? What did they teach you?

This holds true for disease and sickness. For untimely events, breakups, and even what we would view as happier times and moments like childbirth, weddings, graduations, personal successes, etc. EVERYTHING holds it’s own purpose specific to you in your life. If you don’t feel gratitude for a person or event in your past, ask yourself what the lesson was. Ask yourself how it helped you and what it taught you. I promise you will always have an answer and once you find the answer, you can release the past with gratitude and step into your future with grace, ease and peace! 

Winky Boo Wisdom

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