Today ask yourself this one question. Are you worried about the future? What worries you the most? Are you spending so much time focused on what you want to happen or what may happen that you’re missing the present moment? I used to ‘future-trip’ all the time. My brain was so focused on events that hadn’t even taken place yet – worrying, wondering, dwelling – that I wasn’t enjoying the here and now. There’s a big difference between future-tripping and dreaming. We dream what’s in our subconscious, which is what’s in our heart. We dream about beautiful events we want to occur. But future-tripping is worrying about the future. Worrying if that ‘dream’ of ours will actually happen.

If we’re worrying that means we’re lacking faith – in ourselves, in God, in the Universe. We’re lacking faith that our dreams can actually come true. If God put it in your heart, it can happen – you just need to believe it. It’s so much easier said then done though. It’s also so much easier to allow our minds to run free filling us with fears and doubts then it is to stay mentally strong and in control of where it wanders.

Once you can tackle control over your mind and it’s daily thoughts, you will be able to keep yourself present. The reason that’s so important is because there are lessons for us throughout each day. The people we encounter, the things that are spoken to us, the thoughts we think, the places we go – these are all lessons. These lessons are preparing us for future events. If we’re so focused on the future events that we’re missing all the lessons – it’s like sitting through biology class, but never listening and never taking notes. How are you going to be able to conquer the test the teacher gives if you haven’t paid attention to the lessons to prepare for it? This goes the same for our lives. If we fail the tests, the Universe will deliver us new ones pertaining to the same lessons until you pass. Do you really want to keep sitting through the same lessons to take the same test over and over when all you have to do is stay focused, peaceful and patient to pass? Control your mind. Keep it focused on what is happening here and now. Be in the present moment. Everything else is already taken care of for you – you just need to be present and when you’re present you’ll see how it all comes together the way it should – just how you always dreamed!