Today, ask yourself this one question. What has been draining your happiness? A relationship, job, situation, friend or a bad habit? If something doesn’t excite your soul, let it go. Release the need to please everyone and make everything right. You can leave your wake of love and kindness behind you as you follow your heart along your journey – but don’t allow yourself to get trapped in a riptide of negative energy.

You are not selfish for focusing on your happiness. My mantra is “Doubt = Don’t”. Your intuition speaks to you with the guidance you need to help in making the right choices throughout your life. If you choose to ignore it, that’s fine – we all have free will – you’re just taking the long path, instead of the easiest, most fulfilling route. Listen to your inner guide and trust yourself enough to follow it. Your happiness is sacred and your soul is only satisfied when you are truly happy.