Today ask yourself this one question. What you are procrastinating on right now? What have you been putting off that you should be making a priority? Often we put things last on our to-do lists because we fear them. That fear could be around the energy you need to place into that person or project or even the feelings it might invoke upon you. 

I know for me it’s usually a combination of the two. Sometimes I save projects till the last minute because I’m not prepared to get into that head-space yet. It happens a lot with writing, especially this type of writing. It revolves around my intuition, my mood, setting, personal feelings at that very moment, etc. Sometimes I’m not prepared to take myself to a certain place at that moment because I fear how it will make me feel. I understand my energy has to vibrate higher when working with clients or writing articles and so at times you procrastinate preparing for something because of where it will take you.

But I will tell you what I tell myself – break free! Break free from the assumptions and the fears. Let go of what worries you. When I finally let go and wholeheartedly trust with every ounce of my being that I will be guided in the right direction with the right words flowing out of my mouth – everything seems to flow just so. When I stall and procrastinate and try to control and manipulate – I’m sending out an energy of fear. So I ask you today to reflect for a second on something you’ve been putting off? Something or someone that’s been speaking to your your heart. Something that’s been brewing inside of you that you can’t yet release because you haven’t tackled it yet. Now’s the time to release. Let go and let it flow!