Today…ask yourself this one question. What won’t you tolerate? Life is too short and sometimes we deal with things for far too long when it’s not something that we need to be dealing with. We take on problems that aren’t ours. We worry about things that don’t concern us. We allow people to treat us in a way we wouldn’t ever treat them.

Part of growing is taking a look at yourself and your life and evaluating what is necessary and what is not. Is there something that you’ve been allowing into your life that you know in your gut you shouldn’t be? Are you tolerating a behavior of yourself or someone else when you know you deserve more? Self-reflection is important and today I want you to consider this question in all realms of your life – career, finances, love, friendships/relationships. Don’t short-change yourself, you deserve simply the best and you should only surround yourself with what you feel that is.