Today ask yourself this one question. Where has my money gone? Do I fear losing it? Am I fearful of not having enough? Fear surrounding money (abundance) is a common occurrence in society these days. For some reason we went wrong somewhere and started believing that money can run out. Guess what…it doesn’t! Money = Energy. Money (abundance) is our divine right. We are abundant and we are always being provided for. Everything we need we always have. Not WANT, need my friends.

When you understand that you are being divinely guided through life and always being looked after and provided for, this fear loses it’s hold on you.

I used to have a fear around money. I used to think there was never enough and I had to push and manipulate and control my circumstances to find more ways to access it. What I didn’t realize at the time was “money” is energy. You just need to simply tap into the right energy channel within your being to access the infinite flow of it always heading your way. Realistically we need money. Spiritually it is irrelevant to what is important. But because we are spiritual beings having a humanly experience, we need it to pay bills, eat, drive and live. So it’s provided to us, but the misconception is that you need to work long and hard for it.

I was raised with the same mentality. Grow up, get an education, graduate, get a good job, make a lot of money, get married, have kids…repeat the cycle with them. FALSE! I can’t say it enough. So false! Money flows when we follow our purpose and our passion. If your whole mentality is focused on “money” I want to help you understand you are blocking yourself from accessing it. You need to let go of the perception that you need to have some major title at some major company in order to be “successful” and make a lot of “money.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Success is not a title. Success is not a degree. Our ego wants us to think it is, but success is rather us following our joy. Success is us living our purpose.

Our purpose? Spread love.

We are divine creations created for sharing and spreading what our Creator has shared with us – that is love. Our purpose is what our spirit finds joy in. Lean into joy, is what I always say. Lean into what makes you happy. When you follow what brings you pure happiness, you are following your purpose. Success is living for our true self. Success is being happy. Success is being a loving creature and spreading love wherever you go. Guess what? When you do these things, you open the energy channel for abundance to just flow to your freely and easily. Pam Grout, author, tells of many stories throughout her books of millionaires giving away everything they have and suddenly they receive even more back without even trying. They start nonprofits and suddenly donation checks roll in (that they didn’t even ask for) for hundreds upon thousands of dollars.

The more you give, the more you receive. I can’t tell you that enough!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

We need to release the egotistical idea that success is linked to a relationship, social status or career. Again, I used to feel the same way. But we were not put here to just work long hours, make a lot of money and pay bills. The important stuff is the relationships we have with each other, the message we spread by being ourselves. The important stuff is the stuff that most of society overlooks. The everyday interactions. The helping hand from a stranger. The unexpected kindness from a neighbor. If you’re having a hard time picturing any of this in a world so cluttered with corruption and miscreation then I will give it to you straight: You know when a tragedy happens and communities band together to help each other? The way we acted when 9/11 took place. The way people bonded, cared and loved when Hurricane Sandy hit. THAT is the way we should be living all the time. Those actions are successful ones because they are loving ones – they are truthful ones.

The gossip, the corruption, the hate all stems from ego. We only help promote more of it by believing it and feeding into it. But it’s a delusion anyhow. Spirit knows it’s not real. Spirit knows it’s not true. But we drown out our spirit’s voice when we listen loudly to everything else in the world and we confuse ourselves. We think, just like I once did, “Maybe I’m the crazy one. Maybe I should just stop everything and get a “real” job at a big company and sit at a desk for 40+ hours a week, make a lot of money and be successful.” If you truthfully think that’s what life is all about, we have a little more work to do. The mindful moments that so many of us take for granted, are the important moments. The time with relatives. The chats with your parents. The interactions with strangers. The fresh air outside. Mother nature. Feeding your soul and filling your spirit. This is what life is about.

So does the money matter in the end?


It is necessary to survive in this world?

Sure. We all have bills, loans, school, etc. But don’t you ever think you need to go to extreme measures or work your life away to access it. It’s a mindset. Money is a mindset. Don’t work for the money. Don’t live for the money. Live for everything else that makes you happy and the money comes. It’s as simple as that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


I like to play a game I learned from Pam Grout with the Universe. I like to request free money. The Universe doesn’t mind if you play games with it – it’s there to provide you with everything you need. So I like to wake up and sometimes I just say, “Hey Universe, I’d like some free money today from an unexpected source. You’ve got 24 hours. Show me what you’ve got!” Like magic, each time (it’s not magic at ALL by the way!) I get free money. Sometimes it is just handed to me by a stranger. Sometimes it shows up in my mailbox. I know, it sounds a little crazy, but give it a try. You have to believe it to receive it though!


Amy L. Fiedler is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master of Natural Healing. Specializing in inner peace, self-love and conquering fear, Amy guides clients through one-on-one transformational sessions helping you realign your path with your purpose and access your highest potential. Amy uses a holistic approach that integrates self-love, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle with teaching practical spirituality resulting in a radical shift towards love, forgiveness, renewing your self-worth, accessing your inner peace and breaking through to happiness. Schedule a Free 30-minute Discovery Session right now to clarify your intentions, identify the blocks that have been draining your happiness and holding you back from your true passion and purpose in life, career and relationships.

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