If you follow me on Twitter then you might have noticed some tweets regarding a new book I started reading around Christmas. The book is called E-Squared by Pam Grout. How I stumbled across this book was pure “coincidence” – that’s if you believe in coincidence, which I don’t, so we’ll just call it fate, or part of a larger plan.

The book is a New York Times BestSeller and it incorporates nine do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality. I’ve always known that energy is very powerful, I did work for a psychic for 7-years. You don’t need to be a believer in anything to read this book – it’s for skeptics and believers alike. I happen to not only be a believer in God, but also a believer in other powerful forces, such as thoughts and energy.

I’m not exactly an avid reader, especially in book form – since I write for a living I do most of my reading online. But on the rare occasion I find a good book – which is most definitely rare for me, I really like to share it. This book is so amazing that I wish I had known of it’s existence years ago, that’s if it had even been in existence years ago. With that said, I want to share with you an amazing experiment that’s in the book that you can easily do that home.

Let me preface this with I’m not going to reveal to you ALL the experiments in the book, because I do recommend you go pick up a copy – it’ll probably change your life and I’m not exaggerating by saying that. It’s already changed mine quite drastically and it wasn’t as if I was living some terrible existence prior to reading this either.

Control your energy. Change your life.

Here’s the experiment:

You’re going to take 2 wire hangers and a straw and you’re going to see how your personal force-field of energy can so easily be controlled you’ll wonder why you weren’t being taught this in school rather than equations.

Here’s the theory:

Pam Grout calls it The Alby Einstein Principle and in the book it’s Experiment #3. She explains that 99.9% of who you are is invisible and untouchable. Every living thing has a huge amount of energy trapped inside of it. So basically, you are energy.

Nothing in the world, Grout says, is actually solid. “Not you, not this book, not the chair you’re sitting on,” she explains. What you think is a solid item only looks solid because the energy is vibrating a little slower than the speed of light. Therefore energy, is vibrating particles. You can’t see it, touch it, smell it, but you can influence how it flows through you.

You mold and shape your energy by your consciousness. Remember how one of my Affirmations earlier this week was “What I think, I create” ? Well, that’s exactly what happens – what you think, how you feel, what you believe, all affects how the energy flows. Your energy is vibrating and the energy in the field around you is vibrating – if you vibrate on the same frequency as something, that’s what you draw in to your life.

When you’re happy – you send out high-frequency vibrations and attract more things to be excited and joyful about.

When you’re upset, angry or frustrated – you send out low-frequency vibrations that attract negative things into your life.

As Pam Grout explains, “we always attract our vibrational match.” Essentially you’re like a magnet that can and will magnetize anything you put your mind to as long as it matches the right vibration. Grout says it’s like the classic rule of physics, “like forces attract.”

This experiment is going to prove to you that your personal thoughts and feelings create energy waves. I drive my family nuts because they constantly hear me saying things like “don’t think negative” or “don’t confess negative thoughts.” I was saying this way before reading this book. E-Squared has only confirmed over and over what I’ve been taught and known for years. Now for the experiment so you can see first-hand that this is all true:

You’ll Need: 2 wire hangers, 1 plastic straw


1). Untwist the necks of both the wire hangers and make each hanger straight. Once straight, you need to shape them each into an L – with the long part being 12 inches and the small part being 5 inches.

2). Cut your plastic straw in 1/2 and slide each half separately on the handle part of your L. Then bend the wire over to keep the straw on there.

3). Now (as Pam puts it) “pretend your a double-fisted, gun-slinging Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke” with the wands and hold them chest high about 10 inches from your body. They’re going to flap for a bit, allow them to settle down and then begin.

4). The wands are following the electromagnetic bands around your body. Depending on your emotion they will either move and point tip to tip or stay straight or point outward.

5). Now think about something happy, joyful and loving. ‘The wands will expand outward as your energy field expands to your positive energy flow,’ Pam says. Now vividly recall something negative from your past and “depending on the intensity of the emotion” the wands will either point inward, tip to tip or stay straight.

6). Finally focus straight forward after you finish the above two experiments and draw your attention to something all the way to the right. Watch how the wire hangers follow where your energy flows. Now focus on something all the way to the left – your wands will follow your thoughts. Play around with it for a while and you’ll notice how in tune with your energy force field you really can be.

Try the Experiment above and comment below with your results. You can pick up your own copy of E2 (E-Squared) on Amazon here.