I’ve been delivering you all with wisdom for a while and now as I build and add content to the website, I want us to dip our feet into the purpose of daily affirmations. What do they do for us? 

The purpose of affirmations


Affirmation – a declaration that something is true.

I’m sure you’ve read them, heard about them or even seen/heard people saying them, but what is their purpose. Affirmations are usually short positive phrases we say to ourselves at the start of our day to get our mind right and focused. It can be something about self-esteem, confidence, a general desire for something to happen in your life, something you wish for yourself or something you know about yourself…the list goes on.

You see, what we think, we create – so what if we declared to focus on something positive each morning and repeat it to ourselves throughout the day when doubts start to creep in? You can change your life if you change your thoughts. Mantra, affirmation, positive thinking – call it what you will, it works. Why not try it and find out?!

From this point forward I plan to deliver you with a Daily Affirmation every morning, every single day. Life is tough and if you are able to come here and find a short little sentence to help get you through the day then that would simply make my life better and I hope yours too. There’s a lot of websites out there, chalk-full of inspiration, motivation and positive influences and influencers – I hope that Winky Boo can be a go-to place for you for more than just clothing.  I hope to guide you, inspire you and provide you with anything and everything that can only enhance your life and personal growth.  With that said…here is today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am gifted and I serve a purpose here.