“Patience is quieting the ego and trusting Divine timing.” – Dean Jackson

Today started like all my days – blasting my happy song in the morning, working out, walking my dog and eating breakfast. Then a brief break for meditation before I begin my “work” (which is really not like work at all because I love what I do so much!). Following meditation is when I make what I call a “Follow Your Bliss To-Do List” of everything I intend to accomplish that day. Today was packed with business-related assignments and I was pumped to get started. But God had a different plan…


(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

I noticed my dog (Dewey – who you so often see bouncing around my Instagram page.) not acting himself. After careful examination I couldn’t put my finger on it but my intuition was sensing something was totally off. I felt a push in my spirit to call the vet and I rushed right down. Turns out Mama knows best! Had I waited, what turned out to be a bad back sprain could have become a bulging or slipped disc in the poor little guy’s back. Loaded with pain meds and a week of rest and recovery we then came back home. When I walked back to my computer and sat down I thought to myself,

“Well, that wasn’t what I had planned for today.”

It could be easy for me to put off the rest of the day and just want to hold the little guy as he rests, yet I have a big list of tasks needing to be accomplished by Wednesday. It then hit me – I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to work from my home and be with Dewey as he recuperates. Not a lot of people have that opportunity. I’m so grateful that even though the receptionist said my vet wouldn’t be available if I came right down, she actually was. She saw me walking in and rearranged what she was doing just to see Dewey. I’m so grateful that I’m so in tune with my intuition that I sensed something was off way before it could have become a lot worse. I’m so grateful I can recognize the good works God does instead of allowing something that wasn’t part of MY plan to discourage me.

Isn’t that how it happens for us humans sometimes?

We easily get discouraged when something doesn’t go OUR way. The way we thought it would go. The way we planned for it to go. It’s that need to want to control things in our life. That need to want to manipulate the outcome just so.


(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

But there’s a bigger, much more powerful force working IN OUR FAVOR. That’s what a lot of us fail to realize. I’m so grateful I realize it though.

You see I could look at the bad. When I coach my clients I always use myself as an example. The teacher was once the student and is always the student. I’m always learning and growing as well – so it’s important for them to know that I’m not superhuman, I’m just mindful of all this “stuff” that eventually they can awaken to. Once I ran through all my gratitude for a situation that wasn’t planned and really not the most appealing – it clicked. 

I can feel the Universe working!

When I clear out the junk in my brain – that worry, fear, doubt, anxiety that is so easy to obtain from the ego. When I keep myself aligned with a Higher Source, you can feel these Radical Shifts as I call them happening and unfolding right before your eyes. Some days we clutter with such emotional junk that we think we’re on our own. But you’re never on your own. God’s got a bigger plan for you and the Universe always has your back. That Divine Buzz is always buzzing – sending you signs, messages, synchronicities and wisdom all day long. Don’t you feel the Universe working? 

I definitely did today. I made my list of to-do’s and planned ahead and God laughed and said, “Not today Amy, not today – I got others things for you, get ready!”

Open yourself up to that Divine Buzz. It’s a brilliant force of energy that is working on your behalf. I’m not discouraged one bit that the hours of my day have flown by and I haven’t accomplished what I had set out to do. Nope, not one bit! I know this all happened for a reason. What that reason is, will reveal itself when the time is right. Until then I will trust and allow whatever wants to unfold before my eyes to do just that and I will be grateful for it all.

Blessings to you all,


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