Chatting with people lately I’ve come to realize that fear stands in the way of a lot of people really pursuing things in life – be it a dream, goal or just something new. People are scared, but what we commonly fail to realize is that we are not given the spirit of fear.

Fear can't cripple you unless you let it!

Fear is not something that brews inside of us, it’s something that stems from outside sources. You fear what others think, you fear what might happen – but these are things we cannot control. So you’re actually fearing the lack of control over the situation. Why let fear hinder you from doing something your heart is telling you to do?

Good or bad, you cannot control the outcome of anything. We actually cannot control anything in life – we as humans make decisions, but the outcomes of the decisions are completely out of our hands. If you go on a job interview and you know you are totally equipped for the position – you CHOSE to go on the job interview and THEY choose if they want to hire you, despite how knowledgeable or beneficial you might be for the company, you have no control over the outcome of that interview.

We need to learn to stop being afraid and to stop thinking we can control anything. We have no control, therefore just live. Be free, follow your heart and stop being scared. Start looking fear in the face and acknowledging that it has NO CONTROL over you. You can’t let fear cripple you the rest of you life, so break free now and say yes to living.