Need I remind you that life is merely responding to you. The Universe gives you exactly what you think, ask, feel. If you aren’t excited with what is revealing itself to you in your life, then you need to step back and check your thoughts.

Nothing is out to get you. You are not being punished.

You are only receiving what you feel, what you think and what you speak. So how do you receive more of the “good” stuff (we’ll just call it that for the sake of this blog) and less of the “bad” stuff?

Keep saying thank-you!

Be grateful for the things in your life that you already have. Instead of looking to find sh*t to complain about, look for things to be happy about. Find what excites you that’s already in your world. I did a different morning meditation today and this guided meditation had me thanking everything from the heat in my house to the bed I slept in. It guided me to thank my clothing in my closet and the furniture I sit on. As ridiculous as it may sound – these are things to be grateful for. 

Sometimes we’re so caught up wishing for something else that we forget what we already have.

Sometimes we’re so focused on what hasn’t happened yet that we forget what’s happening now is something we had asked for a long time ago. 

The more we show gratitude for our journey and our blessings the ore were given to be grateful for.


The more we’re grateful for “what is”, the more we’re given to be grateful for.

That is the secret to manifestation.

Don’t let that word scare you. Manifestation is beautiful. It’s seeing the evidence of your intentions appear before your eyes. You can manifest anything at all that you dream of into your life. You are the co-creator of the world that you see around you – because as I said, life is just responding to you. #FoodforThought

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