Just because something doesn’t take place on “our” time, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Spiritual time is way different then the time we keep here in the physical realm. God has perfect timing for everything in your life. When you get that dream job, when you go through a breakup, when you meet that special someone and even right down to when you’re running late for an appointment and your car doesn’t start. You can look at things as having “good luck” or “bad luck” or you can look at them as ‘there’s a really good reason for this taking place in my life right now and eventually it’ll be revealed to me why.’ Because the truth is that it WILL eventually be revealed to you in due time – that means at the right time, at the time you need to know. So trust the process, take what the Universe has to offer and believe that God has a time, a place and a meaning for every single thing in your life. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am comforted knowing that even though it hasn’t happened yet, it will happen in due time.