We all know better sometimes, don’t we? The answers are sometimes directly under our nose and instead of paying attention we let our minds take over and overwhelm us. That’s when things spiral out of control. Thoughts begin to emerge like “what am I doing wrong,” or “I have no idea what to do now, nothing is working the way it should.” These thoughts are self-deprecating thoughts. We’re undermining and doubting ourselves.

When situations start to overwhelm you because they’re not working out the way they should and you start questioning yourself. Which then leads to questioning everything we’ve been doing or have done and then questioning our entire existence. This is when we need to STOP and ground ourselves. This happened with me the other day and I got so overwhelmed I started searching for methods outside of myself when really and truly I already knew the answers to my problems. We can’t allow our minds to take over during trials and tribulations. We can’t search for coping mechanisms when our mind is spatting out thoughts, fears and self-deprecation all at the same time. We know better! We need to be mindful. We need to stop and come back to center ourselves and ground ourselves. That is when the answers reveal themselves that have been within you the entire time. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

centered and grounded

Winky Boo Affirmations

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