Sometimes we get into funks. God puts us into a funk – a mental funk, emotional funk, physical funk to teach us something. To wake us up because we know better. We know better but the problem is we don’t always do better. We know it in our minds and yet we do the opposite in our words or actions. It’s time that we know better and we do better. Now how exactly do we go about doing that? We stop being quick to react. Stop being first to respond. Slow down for a minute. Before you act or speak, check yourself. Remember that the wisdom lies within you already. You already KNOW what you should be doing – the trick is to just DO IT (you know, Nike wasn’t so out there in saying that!). If you’re unsure, listen to your intuition – meditate – be still, just SHUT UP quite frankly because you have all you need and often times these “funks” we’re in, we caused them ourselves. We let our ego take over and you will know when that happens, you will feel completely unbalanced, moody, doubtful, anxious, etc. Bench that ego before it gets the best of you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I know better therefore I do better

Winky Boo Affirmations

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