Listen when you hit resistance it doesn’t mean you should stop, turn around and head in another direction. No, absolutely not! When you hit a patch of resistance it just means your heading in the right direction. It means you’re about to grow and make a breakthrough. If your ride was smooth all the time it wouldn’t be exciting. No one stands in line for a roller coaster with no loops, twists or turns. If the ride was smooth and straight, it’d get boring. There’s nothing to learn, nothing to challenge us, help us grow, improve or excite us.

When you hit resistance in life this is the Universe’s way of saying, “KEEP GOING, DON’T STOP NOW! YOU’RE HEADING THE RIGHT WAY!” It’s a clear-cut sign that you’re about to make a leap to the next level. It might bring up some feelings, emotions and turbulence, but don’t let that stop you. Keep going, you’re breakthrough is there! Push through, embrace the pain that might be stirred up, feel the feelings and don’t look back. What’s on the other side of all of this is magic and beauty! Seriously, what’s on the other side is THAT miracle – that thing you’ve been hoping for – that thing you’ve been working towards. That lesson you kept missing but will finally learn. Everything will finally click when you hit the other side. What’s on the other side is exactly what you need! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am headed in the right direction.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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