When we allow ourselves to start being affected by the external world, we have begun to let our ego have more power than it should. The ego has no power – only the power you assign to it by believing it’s lies. But the ego has some shifty moves and uses past hurts to pull us away from truth, peace and happiness into it’s fearful way of living. If you are doing, feeling or thinking fearfully. If you are uneasy, anxious and can’t obtain peace – you are living by the ego’s form of perception. When you are at peace and can maintain happiness regardless of what is going on around you, you are living in truth – spiritual truth.

Don’t misunderstand me though, even when you are living in truth, the ego tries to catch your attention. When this happens don’t get upset or frustrated. Recognize it’s attempt and view it as a sign that certain corners of your spirit still need healing. I had this very thing happen to me this morning. Actually, the same past hurt has been poking it’s ugly head out not just today but over the coarse of a few weeks. Each time I have recognized it but each time the ego has made it slightly convincing to eat up the fear. Today I was gentle with my approach – probably more gentle than I have been in past weeks. Today I decided instead of getting frustrated that I can’t just “get over it” or “get it out of my mind” I said to myself, “I understand this part of me is still healing. I will approach these feelings with forgiveness and love and know they cannot hurt me.” The minute I accepted that was the minute I reclaimed my power. You see we have the CHOICE to give our fears power or not. You can either believe them or not. It’s not always easy to turn the other cheek or ignore something that you feel my be “unfair” or “hurtful”. But we make the choice. Even being a coach and teacher I am constantly working to grow and heal myself. Just because I teach doesn’t mean I am perfect. Quite the opposite – us spiritual mentors are constantly diving into the depths of our souls to find new growth and healing. I embrace this process and I understand as a coach that it scares a lot of people.

So what I want you to remember is that when you feel a past hurt or you “think” something may be repeating itself from you past – recognize this is your ego. Recognize this is the ego’s way of separating you from others. This is the ego’s way of isolating you and putting you on the defense. That is not truth and our spirit knows this – but our spirit gives us free will. You have the choice my loves and with all my heart I want you to know to always choose love. Fear can be convinced – VERY convincing at times, but always choose love. You will never regret it. Something that I always remind myself of when this takes place is it’s a growing opportunity and it’s a way to heal a wound to open myself up to new blessings. Reminding myself always that the Universe is only wanting me to have what brings me pure and true happiness. It’s never going to place something in your life to harm you – you are just choosing to view it that way. Choose otherwise, that is where these radical shifts that I talk so much about occur. Be blessed this weekend and love your way through! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I embrace my past with love.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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