You are exactly where you need to be. As the year comes to a close we all seem to go through this process of reflection and looking back on how far we’ve come. Some of us can be so hard on ourselves and our journey that we so easily forget that the pace we are moving is the exact pace we are meant to move. We have such a stronghold on the idea of “control” that we often forget that everything has it’s place and it’s purpose. Everything happens exactly when it should for us.

Such a simple concept to just forget, right? Something so important we easily allow to leak out of our minds and replace with criticism and regret or negativity. Why do we do these things to ourselves? We need to be gentle with ourselves and this process called life. It’s a process of growth – not a process to see how much money you can make or how quickly you can pop some kids out.

We learn things as we’re meant to learn them. We learn them and experience them in perfect time for our own divine growth. We can’t look over at the other guy and get upset because they appear “succcessful” in their career. They too have things they’ve gone through and struggled with. Perhaps they’re successful in the workplace, but their home life needs some extra attention. Maybe that person you “think” has lots of money and is so happy, is actually really lonely and lost. We can’t be so quick to judge and compare. We need to be kind, not only with ourselves but with our perception of others. You are right where you need to be. If you are reading this right now, you were meant to show up here, today, at this particular time and read these very words. It’s all happening for YOUR benefit. It’s going to provide you with something you need later on today.

This is how “life” works. This is what you need to trust because I can give you story after story from not only my own life but many people around me who have come back to me and said, “I don’t know how you knew THAT was going to happen, but remember when you gave me those words of wisdom a few days before and then THIS happened.” I didn’t KNOW – I live my purpose by writing these words every day through divine guidance and they come to me for a reason. Those who end up reading them, end up needing them. This goes for EVERY SINGLE THING in your life – not just my writing and my coaching. Everything! That guy you randomly bumped into at the store – there was a reason. Your alarm clock going off late – there was a reason. That traffic jam on your way to work – there was a REASON. It’ll make sense later. Just know and trust and believe me when I share these insights – you are EXACTLY where you need to be right now. Stop wishing your days away and just live in THIS moment. This moment is all that matters. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am here right now for a reason.

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