How do you find your strength every day to persevere? How do you keep going? Who do you turn to? Do you even turn to anyone? So many times it can be easy to feel all alone. So often it can feel like you’re in this vicious game of life as a single-player. You don’t necessarily get power-ups and extra lives if you fail in the real world, so what do you do when you feel lost, confused and alone?

Have you ever thought about turning within? It might be the last thing on your mind when you’re distraught, but it’s the best option available. Our power resides without ourselves. Yes, there’s a Universal force working in our favor at all times, but we can tap into that power immediately by turning within. By sitting still and listening to our inner guidance. So cliche right? You hear it so often in spirituality and self-help. Focus on your breath? But why? What does that even do?

When you can remember that you are a very powerful force living within a human shell, you can understand that ALL that power that lives in the Universe around us….it also lives right inside of you. That power that makes the wind blow and the waves crash. That life-force energy that is omnipresent. That “thing” that exists that people refer to as God or the Universe – that very power lives inside of your soul. You are able to access it when you recognize that it’s there. You can access it by simply listening and that is why you often hear “focus on your breath”. Your breath brings you back to the present moment. Your breath reminds you that there is more within you than you even realize. So when your day feels like it’s becoming chaotic. When you feel lost and confused. When you don’t know where to turn….turn to your breath. Magnify your power within and remind yourself that YOU already have all that you need right inside of you…it’s just that human shell blurring your vision from the truth. So turn to your breath to find that truth and I promise that you will see the light no matter what you’re going through. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I magnify my power by focusing on my breath.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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