You can have compassion for someone without trying to figure everything out. You can try to understand another’s point of view without fully knowing why they actually think what they think or did what they chose to do. When we just step back and allow people to be what they are, without our humanly assumptions, analysis, labels or judgments – we give them the freedom to be truly authentic. We create a safe space for them in our life as well as in theirs that says, “I may not fully understand, but I accept you regardless.” It gives them a place to grow. It allows them to be the beautifully imperfect, flawed human that you and I also are without our ego-minded judgment.

Learning to silence all that chatter going on in your brain when someone doesn’t act the way you want, speak the way you expect or do what you want them to do isn’t always easy. We have a tendency to want to inject others with what WE think they should do. We always have an opinion – or rather our ego usually does. When we silence it however, and step back and just accept things for exactly what they are – without a label of “wrong” or “right”, “good” or “bad” – we open up the doors to an entirely new world. You’re working from your spirit when you can just accept things for what they are. And when we are able to accept them, we allow the situation/relationship to be exactly what it’s meant to be. Things flow easier when you accept them the way they show up.

All labels and judgments do are instill fear inside ourselves, making us believe that because it didn’t go a certain way, it’s bad, it’s wrong, it’s a disaster. But nothing is by accident and so when we can just trust that whatever is unfolding is for the best. Whatever is taking place needs to happen. We can stop trying to control and judge or manipulate situations and just let them be. You are not the artist of other people’s lives. You are the co-creator of your own. So the only “control” you have, is over what you think and how you respond. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am accepting every situation and relationship exactly how it is presented to me. I remove...

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