Giving to others is a selfless gesture that opens you energetically up to receiving. The cycle of life is giving and receiving. It’s a constant flow. Take a moment and think about all you received today alone. Then write down what you shared or gave to others.

You’ll find that often you’ve done one more than the other in a day’s time. But if you were to actually journal this daily, I bet you would find that it equals out at weeks end. Some days I give much more then I receive. Other days I end up receiving more than I give. Here’s the thing about giving and receiving though – you have to be open and willing. Earlier this week I wrote a blog and I remember very clearly I told you to step aside and out of the way and just allow whatever wants to make it’s way into your existence to do just that.

It works the same with giving and receiving. There’s a powerful reason I’m writing this affirmation right now. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. A lot of us up our expectations for this one day of the month. A lot of us weigh a lot on what we receive on this day. However if you reread this from the top, you’ll notice I said “some days you receive more than you give, other days you give more than you receive.” Expectations lead nowhere good. Expecting someone to do something we have already planned out in our mind is trying to force or control a situation – and as we know forcing and controlling leads nowhere good.

So tonight and tomorrow, focus on giving. Get excited about giving. If you can focus your attention and energy on genuinely giving to someone else, you’ve cleared the path to receive that much more. Perhaps Valentine’s Day doesn’t go as you had “planned”. That doesn’t mean you won’t receive what you needed that day. That also doesn’t mean you won’t receive what you need the next day or the days to follow. We ALWAYS receive exactly what we need when we need it. So my suggestion is take the pressure off. Direct your energy into doing something nice for someone else. You never know, you might just be surprised! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I give to others with an open heart knowing that when I genuinely give, I clear my own energetic blocks and become willing to receive.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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