There are no mistakes. I know that sounds like a fluffy feel-good sentence, especially if you’re going through some sh*t right now, but there are absolutely no mistakes. There are no coincidences and no accidents – every single thing is happening exactly as it should, when it should for a very important reason.

Now isn’t that so much more comforting? I mean I used to think it wasn’t but think about it for a second – the “good,” the “bad,” the “ugly,” are all happening with specific purposes (and here comes the good part) FOR OUR BENEFIT! Didn’t I just tell you this the other day? Yes I did!

The stops you made on the way home from work – all for a reason. The argument you just had – all for a reason. It could be a lesson, it could be a blessing – I’m not here to make that decision on your behalf, you are. So take a second right now and examine what went on throughout your day. Yes, all of it! The conversations, traffic stops, phone calls, text messages, random strangers – every single bit of it happened for a reason. Some of this stuff is simply delivering us with wisdom or messages of guidance. Some of it is teaching us or even healing us. Some of it is a lesson that is going to help you heal from an old fear. If you can’t yet identify what was what – lesson or blessing – I promise you that you will know really soon! No matter what happened though, I just want you to say thank you. Give thanks for it all! It’s helping you, it’s healing you, it’s growing you. It’s advancing you, enhancing you and strengthening you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am thankful for everything that happened today. (1)

Winky Boo Affirmations

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