Have you not realized that what you seek you find? Why as humans do we search for sh*t to upset ourselves or worry about? Why not search for beauty and blessings? Why not seek out miracles? You will always find what it is you are searching for…don’t you want to find the good stuff?

Why set yourself up for upset by searching for the bad? Because you are highly convinced by your ego, that’s why. The ego only wants pain for you. It wants you to truthfully believe that nothing good can stay around. Do you know how irrational that concept actually is? Walk outside and look up at that amazing sky, then tell me nothing good can stay around. 

You have to push the mute button on that ego of yours and you cannot rely on anything or anyone to do it for you. No one is going to swoop into your life and suddenly the ego disappears. No dolls – it’s the other way around. Good sh*t unfolds and the ego works overtime trying to crash your blissmobile. It is your job to choose to see the good stuff everyday. It is your job to seek out the blessings and discover the miracles. You hold that power. I suggest you start using it to create the most spectacular life you could ever imagine. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose to look for beauty everyday.