While speaking with one of my clients the other day we got to talking about how you travel through life maintaining your inner strength and your inner peace. In reality this feels like a hard thing to do – how does one maintain their inner peace when external forces are working hard to shake you?

This is something I love talking about because it’s something I had strived for, for a long time. I admired it in others and when I finally built my own strength and achieved it – it was one of my greatest personal accomplishments. Because your inner peace proves that you trust there is something larger and stronger working on your behalf. Your inner peace demonstrates that you know who you are and what you’re worth so it doesn’t matter what is being said or thrown your way – it doesn’t change your story. I used to admire one of my own mentors who had this peaceful glow to her no matter what. The house could be burning down and she’d be sitting very calmly, completely unphased (hypothetically of course!).

If you can understand that the only truth is the one you believe – then everything else happening around you is just background noise. Now I don’t mean that as in nothing other people say is important. Not at all. I mean that what they say has nothing to do with you or your life – even when that is the topic of conversation. If you can grasp that every single thing happening, every single day of your life needed to happen in order to get you where you desire to go – then that anxiety will fade away. The twist is that we all have free will. So where you desire to go is STRICTLY up to you. But once you decide – everything will unfold before you to help you get there…wherever THERE is. So keep your peace because all you had to do was select which roller coaster to get on and pick your seat. The path it takes, the loops it makes are only getting you where you have chosen to go – just sit back and enjoy the ride! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am enjoying the ride.