Take nothing personally. I’m not sure why far too many of us easily get affected by the actions and words of others, but we do. As A Course in Miracles teaches, “Every attack is on oneself.” You see it holds true that what we see in others, is also in ourselves – but when we attack another it is because we have misperceived them. We have projected a fear onto them, thus misperceiving their actions or words and attacking to ‘defend’ yourself.

But you can’t defend yourself against yourself. Your projection is of your past. Your past that no longer exists. Your past that your ego has convinced you is repeating itself right before your very eyes. So it takes whomever is in front of you in tangible form and applies whatever emotions you’ve brought forward from your past experience and now you associate them with that tangible thing standing in front of your eyes. Your projection is a fear from within. A gap you’ve created due to a lack of love that shows itself as an insecurity or a fear. So when you toss it onto another – thereby catching that person totally off guard – if they take it personally, it reinforces to your ego that your fear is real (let me just reinforce right here that your FEAR is never real!).

However, if they realize how insane it actually is (because usually it makes no sense at all), they won’t take it personally – thereby offering you healing. How? Because you are looking at an illusion that you’ve created yourself. So when they don’t take it on, it in turn shines a bright light onto your fear. By responding peacefully to your insane idea, it awakens you to realize the insanity of it all. And so dolls…don’t take sh*t personally because it’s never about you.  Lead with love and a peaceful response and by bringing healing to every person and situation you encounter, you also bring healing unto yourself. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am leading with love and bringing light to all I encounter.