Surrender your worries! God doesn’t worry, it is your ego that is making you question, doubt, panic, freak out about anything and everything it can get it’s little mind around. The ego is very limited in it’s approaches but very sneaky with what it uses against you. And that couldn’t be more true…it IS using sh*t against you. It’s stirring up past memories and throwing them into your present situations to make you question or dwell or feel like a victim. It’s bringing up triggers that make you feel less than, not good enough or insecure.

But here’s the thing…the Universe/God – whatever you choose to call it, knows that it’s all just an illusion. You know when you go into a haunted house and everything looks so much scarier when you can’t see and the ugly creatures are popping up from behind each corner. What happens when you turn the lights on? It was all just an illusion. The crazy looking thing screaming at you in the corner is actually just someone with their face painted. The icky stuff you had to dodge and duck was just fake spider webs hanging from the ceiling. The point is THIS is exactly how life is. Your ego shuts the lights off on truth and it makes you feel like you’re walking through that dark haunted house all the time. It uses masks, tricks, triggers and illusions to make you scream, panic, run and be fearful of everyone and everything in this world.

Let the illusions go! They aren’t serving you dolls. They aren’t even real. Know that you don’t need to worry and when you feel triggered and start to get anxious…feel it but don’t react. Feel it and let it pass. Feel it and know that in that INSTANT of just being with it…you are allowing a miracle to occur. You are seeing it for what it is…a tiny little test of your faith. A test of your patience. A reminder to forgive. A push towards love. Don’t react. Don’t try to figure it out. Don’t worry about how to handle it or what to say or do. Just let it be in that moment and as it passes (because it will ALWAYS pass) the miracle occurs. You’ve just shifted from fear to love. Another tiny test is complete and you’ve maintained your power, peace and magnified your love. You’ve created a miracle in that Holy Instant and now that test…it won’t show up again. It’ll disappear into oblivion because that is what illusions do. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I shift out of the illusion by not reacting to fear. I feel it, let it go and allow the miracle to appear.