We are constantly ebbing and flowing through life. We are always moving forward even when we don’t always feel like we are. Even when it feels like we f&cked up, that needed to happen to show us something or help us learn something. Everything that happens, needs to happen. Everything that happens is supposed to happen and it’s hard in those moments to often accept – but everything that happens (no matter how it looks on the outside) IS happening FOR YOU.

Had it not happened you wouldn’t have realized what you realized. Had it not happened you wouldn’t have grown or healed. Had it not happened you just simply wouldn’t have that wisdom that lesson contained. That’s all this life is dolls….a bunch of stuff happening FOR you to give you wisdom to help you become a better YOU!

So stop fearing it. Stop punishing yourself for it. Stop clinging to it. Let the anger go. Let the bitterness go. Let the resentment go. Forgive yourself. Forgive those other people. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m proud of you!” You earned these experiences. Be grateful for them all! These things don’t happen out of order. They are all aligned, perfectly on time and arrive at the exact moments you are ready for them. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for these lessons. They are helping me see the me I want to be.