Let life flow. Allow it to happen for you. Don’t doubt it. Don’t question it. Roll with it. God knows what he’s doing. Life gets pretty freaking magical when you step back and watch what God has in store for you. When you just float through your day knowing you are always being guided – whether you’re running late, have a cancellation or getting lost – when you trust it’s for a reason, you will SEE that it truly is.

Your steps are always being directed. Often we like to hold sh*t against ourselves when we think we’re not “doing what we’re supposed to”. We get angry when we’re not on time or our plans get messed up. But you’re creating that discomfort yourself. If you just accepted everything as it as…exactly as it is – then you’d see it’s all aligning perfectly for you. 

That’s where synchronicity comes into play. It’s the Universe/God’s way of saying YES! It’s showing you that you’re on the right path and going in the right direction. When your ego wants to call it a weird coincidence…just know that’s a major downgrade from what it truly is. It is spirit communicating with you. It’s that Higher Power saying, “GOOD JOB!” Listen dolls…you can’t mess this stuff up…even if you feel you have, know it was for a reason. Know that those “mistakes” were ways to help you learn that you can always CHOOSE AGAIN. And what’s meant to be will always be at the exact moment it’s meant to happen. So sit back and relax and please remember that the Universe always has your back…even when you don’t quite understand what’s happening…it’s ALL happening FOR you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everything is always happening for me.