Let your life flow with ease dolls and drop the struggle. Drop the fears and the torment and the worry. Let go of anything that doesn’t feel good. Seriously, just let it go and welcome in that calm breeze of peace. It exists – I know some of you think it doesn’t exist but it does. You’ll find it in the stillness, so just release the panic and breathe. All is well.

It’s getting taken care of. It’s being worked out. It’s in your favor. Have I told you that it’s rigged? You can’t lose. You WILL win. Nothing will hurt you, I promise. What looks like pain is actually promise. Promise that what you asked for has arrived otherwise it wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable. Promise that you’re getting what you desire. That pain isn’t pain at all it’s just a push in the right direction. It’s painful because you’re resisting. Stop resisting the flow. Let it push you where you need to go. Don’t you realize it sees the bigger picture.

You’re on ground level, it’s up in the clouds. It can see it all. It knows what’s happening. It has an aerial view. Let it do what it needs to do. Let the Universe take care of you. Welcome in the flow. Welcome in the love. Welcome in the peace. Welcome in the ease. Welcome in the miracles. Welcome in the clients. Welcome in the money. Welcome in the happiness. Welcome in the health. Welcome in the grace. Welcome in the bliss. Welcome in the joy. Welcome it all in and breathe. Inhale…exhale…it’s yours and it’s time to receive. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I welcome in the flow. I am ready to receive.