We are given constant opportunities to learn about ourselves; to grow ourselves into better versions of ourselves; to heal old wounds, fears and limiting beliefs that have restricted us for months, years and sometimes decades. Every moment matters. Every person in our lives has a purpose congruent with our learning, growing and healing.

What happens though is our ego-mind (that human part of us) observes a situation and reacts. We react because we judge it…because that is what our ego does. But our spirit (our inner divine truth) knows that anything other than peace is just fear and fear is simply a lack of love. So if there’s something within you that lacks love, that is being triggered by the situation/person – it’s an opportunity for growth! Our ego would see it otherwise saying, “This is bad” and want to panic, attack, question, worry, freak out. But spirit is able to see a situation for what it divinely is, which is always a way of healing ourselves and helping another heal.

So how do we bypass that ego reaction and learn to operate from spirit? Well you build that muscle which requires a daily mindful approach to life and all it’s happenings. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? It’s not…here’s the trick: If it looks bad, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s really good! So remember that one simple fact and pause when the reaction wants to surface. Feel it and release it. Lately I’ve been giving nonstop opportunities to honor myself, my worth and my value. Today I had a total revelation that God has been providing me so many ways to create loving boundaries, respect myself, up my value and recognize my worth. Now sure I’ve been on this spiritual path long enough to perhaps see and recognize opportunities for growth and healing quicker than others. But that doesn’t mean my ego didn’t react at times. That doesn’t mean I didn’t shed some tears, scream or freak out. I did. But I allowed it and I realized that even when I did react in the moment, internally I had a sense of calm and a peace of mind – the freak out was merely a knee-jerk physical reaction. My longtime muscle of wanting to control the outcome resulted in anxiety and tears. But I’ve built such a strong bond with my spirit that even though that physical reaction unfolded…my spirit within knew there was nothing to fear. Because in truth dolls…there’s never anything to fear. It’s all working out FOR you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

It's all happening for me so I choose to remain at peace.