Can you find some comfort in knowing that feelings only emerge when they’re ready to release? I mean anything from fear, sadness, anger, resentment, pain, bitterness, jealousy – when it comes up…it’s ready to go and that is the very reason you are feeling it. It was divinely TRIGGERED in order to be released. Please remember that.

Let me explain: When you feel something…anything, usually you react to that feeling. Usually you feed into it and question why it’s there. You judge it’s existence and then panic that it arrived and freak out on how to make it leave. All that’s happening when you react to it though is you’re giving it more power. Your reaction to it is making it feel like it is stronger than you which results in you feeling desperate, doubtful, hurt and hopeless. Those feelings are energy suckers…you can easily get caught in a tornado of despair while bathing in them. That is exactly why it’s important to let whatever you’re feeling be exactly what it is in whatever moment it decides to show itself in.

Then…it will leave. Because the only reason you felt it to begin with is because it was on it’s way out. Something triggered that emotion. Something or someone brought it to the surface FOR you. It was hidden deep down below and they helped stir it up so it came out of hiding and now you’re feeling it. You’re feeling all the feels and getting all emotional…often not knowing WHY. The human in you wants to react to the feels…the divine in you knows all is well. Let the emotions be. Grab some popcorn and sit on the couch while they make their way to the exit. That’s all they’re doing…rising to the top to leave for good. They just need to make it known they were there in the first place otherwise you won’t know if they ever decide to return. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I allow my fears to be felt when I feel them. I will only feel them when it's time for me to heal them.