Have you ever felt like you needed to change yourself to please someone else? Have you ever hesitated saying something, wearing something or doing something for fear of what another thinks? At some point in time we all have done this to some extent. So often we are concerned with what others think or feel about us. Be it in a relationship or friendship, we fill ourselves with worry for no reason at all.

How to be the me that I love

When I began my own self-healing and spiritual journey, this was a huge lesson I had to take on. Releasing the need to ponder what someone else might say, do or think about who I am and what I do. Not only that, but also releasing the need to allow it to control any of my thoughts, words or actions as well! 

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s none of your business what others think about you.” Well it’s not!

However, a lot of us still catch ourselves worrying how our significant other might react if we respond the way we really want to – or we could even go as far as worrying about what others might think about how we dress or wear our hair. But let me get scientific with you for one moment. When you lower your internal vibrations to the level of pleasing others – to trying to make them accept you – you don’t gain a thing.

You see because when you seek approval from others there’s actually very little you can do to keep their approval coming. That’s because relationships are sustained on the inside of each individual person.

Relationships are sustained...

My relationship with you has everything to do with me. Your relationship with me as everything to do with you.
It’s never about the other person.
So when we start to alter and mold ourselves into things we think other’s will like – we’re doing ourselves a disservice.

When you stay 100% true to YOU, you are going to attract people to you that match the vibes you’re sending out from within. It has nothing to do with the outside dolls. It has EVERYTHING to do with how you feel on the inside.

YOU need to love you.
YOU need to respect you.
YOU need to honor you.
YOU need to be kind to you.
YOU need to follow your joy.

It’s really quite simple: The YOU that YOU are, in the privacy of your own room. The quirky, fun, light-hearted, loving person YOU are with yourself – learn to LOVE THAT about you. When you can do that – and I mean LOVE every bit of your weirdness and imperfections – you will release yourself from the attachment of other’s ego-minded opinions. That is the true definition of FREEDOM.

Today’s #LovingTip on my Facebook page was by Abraham-Hicks:

“If you will release all concern about what others feel about you and focus only upon how you feel about them, you will unEarth your core understanding of who you really are. You will discover what true freedom really is.” – Abraham-Hicks

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