I took a long pause this morning and really embraced the now. Staying mindful of what is right now in the present moment is the key that unlocks an endless gratitude practice that nothing can shakeGratitude unlocks more blessings.

Gratitude unlocks more blessings!

How can we expect more in our lives when we can’t even appreciate what we have right now?

Think of someone in your life right now that perhaps you’ve not getting along with. Someone you might have just argued with or had a falling out with. Overlook that incident for one moment and think of something about that person that makes you smile. Something that you appreciate and are grateful for. 

In relationships and friendships alike, we as humans have a tendency to look for the negative. We seek out the bad. We look for the problems. But what you seek, you will find. What you focus on, it expands. When you magnify the negatives about a friend, spouse, family member or significant other, you expand them. You shine a giant spotlight right on them and thus bring into your existence more of what you shine the light on.

Why not shine the light on the good?
Shine the light on the positives?

You give whatever you focus on strength. The way to peace in all types of relationships is not to leave when things get rocky. It’s not cutting people out of your life once you disagree. The way to maintain happy, healthy and loving relationships (of any kind) is understanding that everyone is different but at our core being, we are all the same. We are all made of love and so when you focus on the love in that person – you amplify it. You shine a light on the good, bringing more good into awareness and into THAT person’s own awareness as well.

Staying mindful of what is right now in the present moment is the key that unlocks....

Today’s #LovingTip on my Facebook page was by Abraham-Hicks:

“When you understand the value of differing opinions, you will reap immediate value from every relationship.”

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