What do you do when someone wrongs you in a friendship or in a relationship? How do you treat your partner/spouse/friend when sh*t just goes wrong? Do you lose all faith in the relationship? Do you walk away? Give up? How do you recapture the love when you think it’s lost?

How to recapture the love when you think it's lost.

Life is guaranteed to have ups and downs – especially in relationships, friendships and marriages alike. We go through smoothe patches then rough patches. You have moments where you really feel gratitude and appreciation for your partner and then days where you can’t stand them.

It doesn’t matter WHO you are with, this is 100% guaranteed to happen dolls! It’s part of being human and being alive.

Those days in particular however, it seems it can be hard to find what you really love about that person. What made you fall for them in the first place?

This is often where that disconnect in relationships/marriages happen. You hit a valley and forget everything good – focusing only on the bad.

It’s easy to focus on the bad isn’t it? As humans we have a tendency to do that a lot. At times we even hunt down reasons just to piss ourselves off. But what happens when you are tired of being angry and you crave that peace and love again in your life? A lot of people don’t know where to turn or how to find it. They feel hopeless – like it’s lost forever.

One wrong move and BOOM all the love goes out the window? NO…that’s not how it works, sorry!

We have that choice.
YOU have that choice.
You can focus on the bad, but what will that resolve? Nothing. It doesn’t bring you peace or happiness. That would be the ego at work because the ego thrives on turmoil. It can’t survive in a peaceful environment. It disperses reasons that are awfully tempting to make you search for sh*t that’s just going to piss you off. That’s how separation occurs. That’s why people give up because they live in turmoil.

How do I know it's my ego-

Now, I’m not saying turn the other cheek for every hurtful mistake – but when you look for the good in your partner or even a friend/sibling/relative/family member – seek out their strengths ESPECIALLY when they tick you off….your attention on them, amplifies them. And eventually in time, that spotlight that you’ve shined on those strengths will appear to others as well.You give power to whatever you focus on. So if you want to CHOOSE to focus on what’s wrong all the time. If you choose to focus on the bad, the negative and anything that could piss you off – you are only going to find more of just that.

You give power to whatever you focus on.

But if you want balance in your life and you want to maintain a happy and healthy relationship – seek out the good. Find your partner’s strengths and you will discover your appreciation for their soul. When you connect back on the soul level, it’s law – you will feel and experience limitless love!

Today’s #LovingTip on my Facebook page was by Abraham-Hicks:

“When you look for another’s strengths even when they are hard to find, your attention to them amplifies them.” – Abraham-Hicks

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