Has anyone ever told you that you’re capable of anything? Well you are. Has anyone ever informed you that you can’t fail unless you choose to? It’s true. I know sometimes you feel like things are beyond your control. You feel like events are happening to you in life and not for you. But that’s actually not true.

I want to see you be brave!

Everything that has happened, is happening and will happen – is happening FOR your benefit.

It’s happening for you, on your behalf. That’s a blessing! Don’t you understand that. That simple shift in perspective changed that entire thought didn’t it? Giving up, feeling attacked, being let down are all choices you have. No that doesn’t mean you can control how others treat you. Nope, not at all. What it means is you can choose to perceive what happens as one way or another.

I used to allow everything to bother me. I used to let myself sink into mega lows emotionally and mentally just because something didn’t go a certain way. But I was choosing to do that. At the time obviously I really believed in my heart I had no choice. I believed that these were the cards I was dealt and what was I doing to deserve this.

I come across far too many that feel the exact same way. It breaks my heart because I have been in that place. I’ve been there and I was there for a long time. Helpless, hopeless, lost and confused were the norm for me. But let me tell you something if you can muster up enough courage right now in this moment to find something good amidst all of what’s unfolding in your life – you my darling, are brave!

Everything that has happened, is happening and will happen...is happening for your benefit.

None of this outside stuff matters. None of it. I know right now you think it does. I know you think it’s everything – it’s the end all and be all of your life, but it really isn’t. It’s there to help you, grow you, heal you, encourage and strengthen you. And if no one told you that, then allow my words to ring in your ears – this is happening for you and eventually it’ll make sense, until then don’t you dare give up because you have so much good coming your way.

You have so much good just waiting for you to open your eyes and say, “okay, I surrender…show me what you got!

I want to see you be brave! I want to see you light up, even for a second and recognize everything you’re already equipped with. I want you to breathe easy and know that this too shall pass – it’ll always pass. I want you to know that you are needed, wanted and your presence is required in this world. You have something that neither I nor anyone has to offer. YOU are necessary.

Remember these words and if you have a hard time…play this song…


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Lots of Love,