If you want to know the truth I drafted the title for this blog a week ago and then when I sat down to actually write it I was blank. That happens sometimes when I get a spark of inspiration and then it vanishes almost immediately.

However…it always resurfaces. Doesn’t everything?

So here we are and as I reread that first paragraph I’m laughing because there you have it…“it’s not an accident” that I didn’t delete the draft and returned to it one whole week later now inspired once again to sit down and riff on this topic.

You didn’t need this message a week ago.
In fact…you needed the message you received.
And none of this was by accident: my drawing a blank, not deleting and being guided to return here right now.

Don’t you understand that’s how your life unfolds.
In general…that’s how sh*t goes down.

Sometimes things aren’t meant to happen when you WANT them to or when you EXPECT them to.
Or when you feel the sequence of events has lead you to this particular turning point.

The divine are always on time!

Timelines don’t matter spiritually.

The divine are always on time.

You shouldn’t question it, though you’ll want to.
You shouldn’t force an outcome, though you’ll feel an urge to.
The more you feel like you need to make something happen and happen fast – is a clear sign from above to breathe and be patient, your miracle is right around the bend.

Cliche? No…not at all. The more eager our ego makes us feel, the more it makes us think we’re “running out of time” –  only demonstrates how close we are to victory.

And by victory I mean getting what you want. Getting that promotion, landing that dream job, hearing those words that’ll touch your soul, receiving that healing!

This is all scheduled for you.
It’s never running late.
The only person that has the ability to delay it…is YOU.

The only way you can do that is if you doubt it.
Is if you force it.
Is if you try to control it.

Just let it be.

Your outcome is going to be desirable!

It’s not an accident you’re reading this right now.
I don’t know what specifically you are going through. I don’t know what’s weighing on your heart or mind – but I do know that if you’re here right now and you read a sentence that clicked or gave you chills or made you shout, “WOW” in your mind – you needed it.

Slow down. Be patient. Your outcome is going to be desirable. You WILL get what you desire.
Not on YOUR time…but soon!