Some days we all wake up feeling a little off, a little confused, perhaps annoyed, impatient or even frustrated. We try to get ourselves together to go on with our day but for some reason you’re distracted by everything, nothing makes sense and everything pisses you off.

Ever have one of those days?

I have….plenty of times. Those days seem to be marinated in our ego-mind. We want to complain about everything – we want to yell at everyone and the other part of us wants to crawl back in bed and hide until tomorrow.

But would you believe me if I told you that these kinds of days are very telling.
These kinds of days show you very vividly how far you’ve actually come. How much you’ve actually grown. How long until what you desire actually shows up.

I know you don’t believe me yet…so just hang with me for a few.

Just say Thank You

When you reach a place of calm. When you finally feel like you’ve acquired a momentum – a routine, if you will, towards maintaining your sanity and peace. Your ego gets all sorts of jacked up.

That’s right…it hates calm.
It cannot survive in a zen environment.
Where there is no worry…the ego can’t thrive….matter of fact, it can’t breathe.

Remember when you had “thumb wars” when you were little. “1, 2, 3, 4…I declare a thumb war…” and then you innocently let your thumb wrestle your friend’s thumb with one hand linked to there’s. There was always that 1 kid (me) who would pull out a secret weapon just when you thought you might lose. That infamous move…the “sneak attack” landed me many thumb war victories.

No one saw it coming.

Just when you thought you had it in the bag. Just when you were about to laugh in my face and scream, “I WIN!” I come out of nowhere with my other hand – around the back, over the shoulder, right on top of your thumb while shouting, “SNEAK ATTACK…I WIN!”


Life is like a thumb war.
You will always have the upper hand because the Universe has given you a mighty powerful thumb.
But your ego…is just like that kid whipping out shifty moves during the last minute of the game.
It’s ALWAYS going to try to sneak attack you.

Should you worry about it?

Should you fear it?

Should you even bother preparing yourself for it?

What should you do?
Expect it and don’t let it phase you when it happens.

You see my sneak attacks didn’t help me to win every thumb war. Nope…not at all. Here’s why: When you tense up during a stressful time, you lose your power and your focus. You panic and then sort of just hope for the best. But if you relax, like the people I didn’t beat. If you relax and maintain your focus – you elevate your power.

The people who I sneak attacked who just relaxed their muscles while it happened….somehow always popped their damn thumb up and pinned mine down. But the ones who panicked when they saw my other hand swooping it – they struggled a bit. Their muscles got tense and they just started shouting, “That’s not fair” or “You cheater”.

There's a reason for everything.

Isn’t that what we want to do on days like these.
We want to shout to the Universe, “This isn’t fair!”
Everything was going smooth for us and then we wake up feeling bleh.
We feel like someone slammed on the brakes and slammed on them hard. Our momentum feels like it came to a screeching halt and now…we’re just all pissed off.

Rather than shout demands at the Universe….why not just say thank-you?
You see…THESE kinds of days show you that you’re miracle is a minute away.
These kinds of days are like that final stretch of a marathon – you can see the finish line….but you have to finish strong.

You can’t give up now. Just say thank-you.

Thank you for the sign that I’m almost there.
Thank you for the reminder of how strong I am.
Thank you to my ego for proving to me that I’m succeeding.
Thank you for showing me that I will win!

There’s a reason for everything dolls and quite frankly…it’s not really our business what all the reasons are for everything happening. The Universe knows and we just need to say thank-you – because believe it or not, even these kinds of days are helping us.