Believing the bullsh*t that circulates in your brain. The stuff telling you that you aren’t good enough.
The stuff convincing you to do better or be better.
The stuff saying you can’t actually have the things you want. That tiny mad idea is a full-blown lie.
Let go of the tiny mad ideaYou are whole.
You have everything you need right now…it’s all been given to you, just look around.
You have the power of this infinite source of energy INSIDE of you! You are unstoppable. So that sh*t that you’re telling yourself. It’s only holding you back.
It’s putting you in turmoil.
It’s stressing you out.
It’s making you anxious about your future.

It’s making you believe you aren’t worthy of good things in your life. It’s time to let that tiny mad idea go.
It’s from your ego.
It’s just some old fears. If you put down on paper all that stuff that runs through your mind daily, you’ll see the delusions your ego-mind creates to make you think that you are meant to suffer.That you always need more.
That there will always be someone else better, prettier, smarter, richer, happier or more successful.Let it go.
Change your perception of it all.
Recognize that it is ONLY you and your tiny mad ideas keeping you from all that you wish for and desire for your life.

If you could get out of your own way. If you could let go of those lies in your mind, you would see how quickly everything lines up and falls into place for you.

If it’s still a struggle…you’re choosing to live in a tiny mad world.
But that world consists of one outcome = unhappiness.
If you want all the abundance, happiness, bliss, peace and love you desire that already exists within you…that will appear the second you let go of those tiny mad ideas.

I hope this article served you. Be sure to share it with those who need it.