Life is about to get really good for you, once you learn this trick. It’s my No.1 trick….my secret weapon, if you will. I used to be one to resist life. I wanted to control what came my way. But then I realized that it didn’t matter what flowed in my direction…because it was all good.

It might come disguised as something else.
It might feel like it’s hard to deal with…only if you’re resisting it.
But if you step aside and just ALLOW it to come, be what it is and then go – life gets really good.

So good in fact you’ll feel much gratitude for whatever arrived and then you’ll be hard on yourself for resenting it at the time.

So here’s my suggestion: Keep saying thank-you!

Keep saying thank-you!

Even when it’s scary = say thank-you.
Even when it feels painful = say thank-you.
Even when it’s uncomfortable = say thank-you.

Thank-you unlocks a volt of power.
Thank-you elevates your energy.
Thank-you lifts your spirit.

When sh*t seems wrong in my life….I just keep saying thank-you.
Because when it doesn’t look good…it’s good!
When it appears to be the opposite of what you desire…it’s still good!
It’s good, it’s ALWAYS good dolls! 

I’d be more horrified if nothing was flowing my way. Then you know you aren’t desiring much of anything. If life feels bland and at a standstill…you better UP your DESIRE GAME because big change always leads to huge blessings. 
Big change builds faith, power, perseverance, patience and strength. Big change takes you where you want to go.

And so I want to inspire you all to stop playing small. Don’t be discouraged by what feels fearful. Don’t get panicked when something looks like it’s not going right. It’s ALL GOOD! It’s all so good dolls.
Just say thank-you.