Thoughts are powerful balls of energy that get shot out into the Universe and they boomerang back to us exactly what we infused them with. If you want to see and experience positive events and relationships, you need to think about positive events and relationships. You need to infuse your thoughts with good energy. You can’t speak about wanting one thing but refute it by mumbling to yourself, “There’s no way this is going to happen for me.” Right there you removed the positive energy from your ball and filled it up with negativity. We all have done this. We all still do this. But this one simple change can create a radical shift in your entire world. This one basic concept of merely being mindful of the thoughts you think and speak and the energy you infuse them with is more powerful than anything you’ll ever learn in your life – because THIS is what creates your life! #MindfulMonday

Whenever you have a thought...


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