I always say this but it’s a new month and that means a new wave of energy has entered and so many new opportunities. Don’t dwell on things you did not accomplish in May. June is going to bring you new visions full of hope and opportunity. If you can understand that this concept I’m explaining to you is more than just words or my personal beliefs – it’s actual fact then you’ve taken a huge step in the right direction. Planetary shifts and energy patterns change minute by minute and day by day – but every time there’s a new month it’s as if we’ve closed the door on the last chapter and stepped into a new one.

Focus on the excitement of what June will bring. Expecting it will put your dreams and desires into motion. I was reading a book yesterday and it explained it perfectly like this (I‘m summarizing here in my own words):

Our thoughts are energy. Think of them like a battery. A battery standing alone is full of energy just waiting to be used. But the energy cannot be accessed until you put it into something to activate the energy. Place the battery into a stereo and the energy is now Kinetic. It’s in motion. It’s what makes the stereo play. This is SCIENCE my friends! Our thoughts, actions and words work the same way. We can manifest anything we want into our life by thinking, speaking, writing or doing. The more emotion we place behind it, the quicker it’s able to manifest. But if we put no action behind these, it’s as if we’re the battery without the stereo. We’re full of possibility but can’t do anything with it.

You can say you want something and you can get on your knees every single night and pray for it and God-willing in due time you may receive it BUT if you make an intention to not only hope for it, but to take the right steps towards getting it, you are guaranteed it. Today’s Daily Affirmation:


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