We can so easily get bogged down by life and worldly “stuff” that it takes a toll on our minds, bodies and souls. I was experiencing this the past few days – I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t giving my body the break it needed and was craving that I allowed every little thing to get to me. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this before. You get moody, cranky, impatient and you recognize you aren’t acting yourself but you are so drained you don’t have the energy left to ‘fix’ it.

That’s when negativity attacks. We forgot or ignored our spirit’s call for ‘rest’ and as our energy weakened, our mind weakened and so did our physical body – all that’s left at that point is an open door for the ego to crawl back in and try to have it’s way with us. It then distorts everything and everyone as an enemy – as bad – as out to get you. I know a lot of you reading this don’t yet know how to view your life from a spiritual standpoint. Maybe you think I’m strange that I even would want to. But the thing is when you understand that every single thing around us and in us is energy-based, you will understand how to overcome situations that would normally make you upset, sad, frustrated or stressed.

So what am I getting at? 

You have to get to the point of understanding yourself so much that even on an “off” day, you cannot be swayed. That even when normal Earthy things take place like being overworked or tired or even run-down that you don’t allow the comments and opinion’s of others to shake you. It’s a common thing that ‘stuff’ would just annoy you more when you aren’t on the up-and-up BUT having the wisdom to know that even when you are physically and mentally tired and negativity tries to attack, you still KNOW and LOVE all of you so much that it wouldn’t matter what was said or not said – it can’t rock you one bit.

I can only teach what I learn and sometimes I teach as I’m learning. This I am grateful for and this helps me guide you not only authentically but lovingly and truthfully. Namaste my loves. #MondayMotivation