You are an individual. That means you are unique. You have gifts others don’t have, you have thoughts and visions that others cannot fathom. Why do we waste our time (YES, waste) looking and examining other people’s looks, intelligence, journey’s, relationships, friendships, personalities, etc.? Why aren’t we spending that time focusing on our own special gifts we have to offer this world?

It’s so easy to get caught up looking right and left rather than just looking in the mirror at our own reflection. But when we spend our days comparing ourselves to others, we deprive ourselves of so much. We short-change ourselves of what we have to offer this world and the people in it. Stop doing that!!

You are never going to be like her or like him and they are never going to be like you – no matter how hard you try. No matter how much you/they copy or emulate – it’s never going to work. Live your truth! That means, live for you – live what you love, be what you love. Stop worrying what others might think of it. It only matters that you fill your soul with what brings you joy. What someone else loves isn’t going to necessarily be what fulfills you. At times they may be similar – but never the same. Start living a life that makes you happy and stop letting the comparisons you make steal your joy! #MondayMotivation