Loving yourself is the hardest most difficult thing you’re ever going to have to do in life. Some of you may think “yeah right” or try to dispute that, but it’s true. Completely loving yourself is a process and sometimes it takes years and years to get right. When you can fully love yourself that is when you can release the self-doubt and fear from within. You will be able to trust yourself in every situation and relationship. You will be able to rely on your own intuition without needing reassurance. I can honestly say that my 20’s were a learning and growing experience. I’m 29 and looking at myself just 2 years ago, I cannot believe how far I’ve come. I’m not talking about achievements – where I’ve gone or what I’ve done – I’m talking about my relationship and love for myself.

The way you treat yourself is what sets the tone for how others treat you. The way you view the people around you is a mirror reflection of how you are viewing yourself. If the negative is outweighing the positive, it’s time to sit down and have some alone time with ‘you’. When you learn to be proud of you, enjoy you’re own company and know yourself inside and out and love every ounce of it – that is when this journey gets so much easier. You see, because the love we show for ourselves will outshine any situation that comes our way. It’ll attract into our lives what needs to be there and prevent what doesn’t from coming in. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Love myself

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