We’ve all had moments where we sweat the small stuff. We let every single little miniscule thing bog us down and disrupt our inner peace. This is one of the ego’s finest tricks. Allowing us to dwell on sh*t that quite frankly…just doesn’t matter.

When you find yourself having a moment or a day or even a week like this, you need to pause and breathe. I know I say that a lot – but the ego urges us to react and respond, usually very quick. Then insert foot in mouth. What follows is guilt, shame and the feeling of punishment – all the ego’s cousins. Spirit doesn’t punish, nor is it quick to judge, blame or attack. It actually doesn’t do any of those things at all and when you recognize that, you’ll see that you have allowed yourself to get caught up in the mundane – focusing on the unimportant external bullsh*t that the ego lives off of. By pausing and breathing you will be able to refocus and reclaim your power. Because if you can just pause for one second before reacting or attacking – you’ll hear spirit. You’ll feel the shift internally that’ll settle you down. You’ll think before you speak. And usually…more times than not if you take that pause to let spirit take over, your response or decision will serve you much greater than reacting from your ego. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am reclaiming my power by releasing my need to react.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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