What shows up in our experience is reflecting how we feel internally. So if you are magnetizing situations or people that you just can’t seem to figure out…take a look within. Now I want to get really clear on this because most people do not understand what “looking within” means. Sit down and review how YOU feel, what YOU’RE thinking and what YOU want. Humans have such a hard time taking a good hard look at themselves which is why so many complain about their “problems” forgetting to realize they created it themselves and they can resolve it just as easily.

That’s correct – you created whatever it is you cannot stand. YOU did that. You have that much power. If you have that amount of power to create what it is you do NOT want…imagine using it the other way around. Create stuff you DO want. Problem is we often think we are creating things we do want, but because we’re so busy pointing our fingers out there – blaming and judging others, we miss the fact that we might be sending out some mixed vibes. That could be in the form of our own confusion or lack of love or past fears. 

So here’s what you do: get REALLY really clear on what it is you want. Now often that is a hard question to answer because you think you know but you don’t really. So what I tell clients to do is get REALLY clear on how they want to feel. Start with the feeling first. When you shine light on the desirable feelings you wish to obtain – the other stuff just appears at the surface and little by little you awaken to what you DO want. Too many of us are sending out mixed vibes and not realizing it. We have a New Moon right now. Get really clear on how you want to feel to stir up the truth about what you want and set those intentions in place within this 24 hour period (read more about the New Moon + it’s benefits here). This is for planting the seeds you want to grow in the coming months. It’s prime time to obtain those desires that burn in your heart but the only way to see them in tangible form is by getting really honest with yourself about what you want and why you want it. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My inner truth is revealed when I get clear on how I desire to feel.