Remove your agenda from your life. Remove your plans for your career, relationship and future. Just remove everything you think you’re actually controlling – because I hate to break it to you…you’re really not. The only control you have is over the vibration you shoot out into the world around you. That vibration is regulated by how you feel towards yourself, how you speak towards yourself, how you treat yourself. 

So remove all those “plans” out there. It’s okay to have desires – but there’s a difference between clinging to a plan and an outcome and having a desire. When you cling, you are operating out of fear. “I don’t know what I will do IF this doesn’t happen” is often the number one thought in your mind. Have your desires, set your intentions and get really honest and clear with yourself on what you want for you and your life. But everything else….just let it go.

You do not want it to happen YOUR way. Nope…not at all. Your way is not going to work. Your way is not going to last. YOUR way is going to be a struggle because your way is through your ego. You need to surrender it to the Universe and allow the best way for it to happen to unfold. The Universe has an aerial view of your life and your desires. It knows how to get from point A to point B in the best way that is going to benefit you the most. That doesn’t mean the quickest route. That means the route that is going to help you heal, grow and become the best version of yourself possible so by the time your desire shows up…BOOM you are more than ready for it in every way possible! Meaning…you are whole. You won’t try to enjoy it and keep it around through fear. It’ll just stay around because you are seeing it and enjoying it through love. Let your desires flow your way the exact way they WANT to and trust it’s all working out for you no matter what…because it always is.  Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I remove my agenda and release my plans because everything is always working out for me.