Faith isn’t always easy to have because it requires you to believe in what you know without yet seeing it in front of your face. It requires you to trust that there is in fact something working on your behalf to deliver what it is you desire. I like to simplify faith for my clients because often people want to believe in something larger than themselves, yet they aren’t sure who or what it is and what it does.

You are the creator of your own destiny. Everything in your life is determined by what you think and what you feel. The only things standing in your way are your own limiting beliefs and fears. That kind of stuff is what I often refer to as your ego. The ego is limited on what it can perceive because it only knows this reality on Earth. It only knows the human experience. And so everything has a reference point or a sequence of events in order for the ego to make sense of it. Everything is fearful to it and everything is a struggle.

Faith is not ego-based. Because faith is knowing that sh*t can skip from A to C without going to B and you don’t need an explanation. Faith is trusting that what you desire will be yours. It may not show up how you planned or expected but it WILL arrive as long as you believe you can have it. Faith doesn’t need a reference point because it proves time and time again that what happened THEN does not need to happen again unless you believe it will. What you think will happen is what will happen and that can go according to faith or according to the ego. The choice is yours. The power is in your hands. You can have anything…anything at all you want and you can call it into existence right now as long as you believe somehow…someway it WILL arrive because that is what God/Universe/Source does – it always provides! It has your back and will make a way where your ego doesn’t even see a way. It will open doors and send you help just at the right time. My clients have been experiencing this nonstop lately and with the end of Mercury Retrograde approaching rapidly (June 11th), I strongly encourage you to have a little bit of faith and know that all that you wish for…you will have and it will show up in the most magical way, at exactly the right time and the only thing you need to do then is smile and say thank-you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:I have faith my desires are flowing my way and arriving right on time.