Happiness arrives when we stop looking at all the old sh*t we’ve been carrying around with us. Bliss comes when we just let it go and focus on the good stuff. Peace arrives when we trust and know that what will be, will be no matter what.

It’s a lot of pressure to think that your every thought, word or action can f&ck it all up. Let me break this down for you: You CAN’T f&ck it up! It’s going to be what it was meant to be regardless. Sure it can look like a f&ck up, but it’s not. It needed to go down that way. When you can understand THAT concept…you can just let it go. So let it go dolls. Let it ALL go and know that life is a series of events that needs to happen to get us to where we need to be. This sh*t needs to happen…but it is taking us somewhere and never backwards. You are always moving forward no matter what. Don’t ever forget that! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am at peace with what is. I let everything be what it wants to be.